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Life Coaching Retreat with Menexia & Martina (in German)

Experience and deepen Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

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A week just for you. On Kreta. Pure inspiration and joie de vivre! Work on your topics with ease. Get closer to you. Explore ways. Refuel. Enjoy. Coaching break with like-minded people

We go on an expedition in small groups, an inner research journey. Diverse cultures (Greek, Ottoman, Venetian), beaches and sea, mountains and gorges, tourist attractions and fishing villages - these contrasts and the distance from the usual environment - in addition to our love for Crete - are decisive for the choice of this place as a supporting framework for our coaching break. In the flow of these sources of inspiration, we come closer to our relevant life issues.

Every day we invite you to impulses from scientific findings on emotional intelligence & mindfulness, to reflection, to coaching, to strengthening exercises.

The questions and concerns you have brought with you are the focus here.









For more information and to book your place visit the May "Ich | Pause | Kreta retreat" homepage (more intensive) or the October "Ich | Pause | Kreta retreat" homepage (less intensive programme).  















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