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Cyclical Femininity Women's Yoga retreat with Julie and Stella


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Come join us for a week of deep relaxation, self-discovery and joy.

Julie and Stella will be sharing their love for women’s work and knowledge of women’s cyclical nature through women’s circles and women’s yoga.

Every day at the retreat begins with a morning meditation & women’s hatha and free-flow vinyasa yoga practice, designed to support the energy of the particular phase of our feminine cycle that is explored on that day. We continue with a women's circle, that introduces each of these phases, and then after brunch and free time, there is a late afternoon women’s circle, in which we dive deeper into the day's theme. 

You will have the chance to swim daily in the cool, turquoise Mediterranean waters at quiet beaches, explore the idyllic unspoilt surroundings of Chora Sfakion, and be nourished by wholesome local food cooked with love by our wonderful cook Maria!  

The retreat will awaken your deep knowing and intuition, so that you will find your path and walk it, supported by like-minded women from across the world. You'll experience a deep sense of relaxation and alignment with your body, your womb, your calling, your past, your future, your lineage, your pleasure. 

"The Cyclical Femininity Retreat helped me reconnect to my menstrual cycles, to my body & my emotions. Julie and Eugenia guided us through the different phases of our cycle and helped us to connect to the different archetypes of our menstrual cycle, using many profound tools, such as yoga, movement, talking, drawing, meditation. I really liked their softness and professionalism, leading me to reconnect to certain parts of myself that I usually don’t get in contact with. The balance between Julie and Eugenia’s work was perfect to both feel the alignment within ourselves and glowing outside. Exchanging with other wonderful women of different ages felt very empowering and I loved the amazing vegan mediterranean food! Thanks to all the team for creating this sacred space. 🙏💓" 2020 retreat participant

”Thank you Eugenia and Julie for your deep dedication, for the joy and love you shared with us! 2020 retreat participantstella kremmyda 1

This powerful retreat will give you:

    • A greater understanding of your cyclical nature through yoga, meditation, creative movement, art and life coaching
    • Self-care practices to take back home
    • A playful, safe and supportive group of maximum 14 women
    • A chance to soak up the magical Mediterranean

I had an incredible time at YogaOnCrete - a wonderfully relaxing experience with a warm welcome, lovely food and amazing yoga teaching. Thank you so much! 2020 retreat participant


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  • Course Highlights

    • Daily morning 1-hour meditation and yoga session tailored to the menstrual (for menstruating women) or moon (for post-menstruating women) cycle 
    • Twice daily Women's Circles 
    • Professional and experienced yoga instructor (Stella) and life coach, movement & menstrual therapist (Julie)
    • Option for private life coaching or menstrual therapy sessions with Julie (not included in course cost)
    • 7 nights' accommodation in traditional guesthouse located near beach
    • 7 brunches and 5 dinners included
    • A round trip to the beautiful Sweet Water beach
    • Linen and towels provided
  • Course Program

    The week begins with an opening Women's Circle and introductory, grounding movement session at 6.00 p.m. on the day of arrival, in order to meet and allow women to fully arrive to the retreat, followed by a delicious vegetarian dinner cooked by our wonderful intuitive cook Maria.

    All other days will begin with a 1-hour morning yoga and meditation class with Stella, based on Hatha yoga and Free Flow Vinyasa (usually 8.30-9.30 a.m.), each day focusing on one of the phases of our menstrual and/or moon cycle. This is followed by a Women's Circle led by Julie (9.45-10.45 a.m.), that will introduce the theme of each of the phases. After brunch guests are free to relax and enjoy the beach and sunshine, receive a massage treatment or private life-coaching or menstrual therapy session with Julie, or explore the village and region. In the late afternoon, there is the Intuitive Movement Women's Circle (usually 18.00-20.00), which focuses on diving deeper into the exploration of the phase of the day, and the day's programme closes with dinner.

    All sessions are held on the yoga deck under the olive trees so you can enjoy your connection with the sea, the trees, and the hills. 

    The fourth day of the week is a rest day from classes, with no yoga or women's circle; an optional excursion can be arranged, including a guided hike through a gorge of the region (usually the magnificent Aradaina gorge) or other season-appropriate hike, ending at the beach (approx. €25 depending on number of participants going).

    All brunches and 5 dinners are offered at the house, while on two of the nights guests are free to dine out in the village restaurants (not included in the course cost; approx. €15 for a full meal including drinks). Individual excursions (e.g., hikes, boat trips) can also be arranged at an extra cost.

    On the last day, departure can be arranged after brunch.

    The number of women participating is limited to 14, to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, to ascertain that individual attention is given in the sessions and to create a safe and supportive group dynamic.

    Women's yoga

    The morning yoga practice with Stella will start with a short breathing meditation and mantra chanting, and end with deep relaxation and breathing techniques. The practice is based on Hatha Yoga incorporating elements of free flow and vinyasa. We will look at how the body can feel free and open, when allowed to experiment, flow, and be breathed into. Through the practice we create a more bright, centred, spacious awareness of our being so we enter everyday life more confident, true to oneself, and happy. We will uncover the vitality and joy that is present in the body when we slow down, listen to its needs and make space to receive its wisdom, while we will also look at the body's natural potential for physical and emotional healing.

    For women in particular leg- and hip-work is important to ground and connect to mother earth, and set the base for a dynamic pelvic floor, which is an essential condition for the spine to unfold, extend and grow, symbolically also creating the ground for this unfolding and growth to happen in less tangible parts of our lives. Another area we will be focusing on is the wonderful potential of an alive belly (the centre of our womb, our life-force and energy), where the forces of earth and sky meet and can be balanced.

    A heart-opening session, including chest opening and gentle back-bending, will also be part of the retreat, to help us absorb the knowledge of our feminine bodies more deeply into our hearts.

    Lastly, Stella will also offer particular practices for the four phases of the hormonal and/or moon cycle (follicular/waxing moon; ovulation/full moon; luteal/waning moon; menstruation/new moon), for menstruation and menopause to balance and contain hormonal and emotional fluctuations.

    Women’s Circles
    Each late morning and then also in the afternoon, we will gather for a women’s circle exploring deep connection to yourself, other women and our cyclical nature.

    Julie, life coach, menstrual and creative movement therapist, as well as Awakening Women Circle facilitator, will hold space for us to dive deep into exploring the feminine cycle through movement, art and rituals. The sessions will start with a womb relaxation, then enter into a healing journey and we will complete with more relaxation and sharing.

    In each circle, we'll experience initiation into another phase of womanhood, another way of entering pleasure and creating oxytocin (the love hormone!), another phase of our cycle, of the moon, of the sun:
    ** Inner Girl: Finding Peace and safety for our little girls (follicular phase / spring / waxing moon)**
    **Creative Woman: Healing the mother-daughter relationship (ovulation / summer / full moon) **
    ** Alchemical Woman: Fully embracing our sensuality (luteal phase / autumn / waning moon) **
    ** Lineage Woman: Taking our place in our ancestral lineage (menstruation / winter / new moon) **

    Whether you have a menstrual cycle, are going through or have passed menopause, these phases apply to the subtle energies that affect a woman and her creative potential throughout life. If you're experiencing (pre-)menstrual pain, menopausal, fertility or sexuality issues, you're likely to find release, opening and a way forward.

    Women's circles are a beautiful safe and supportive space to share, practice listening with compassion, allow yourself to follow your heart and be held by a group of like-minded women.

  • Facilitators

    Julie Mosmuller

    julie mosmuller 2020 2In 2012 Julie decided to make a drastic change and re-align her life to her values. She left her strategy consulting career in London to study yoga in India and become a certified co-active life coach. Her life purpose is to be the heart beat that attunes you to your inner frequency. Julie combines her extensive coaching, yoga, dance and business consulting experience to help clients find their calling and unique voice. She specialises in ikigai (life purpose) and feminine empowerment coaching. 

    Having recently settled on Crete, she spent the last six years travelling and giving workshops and sessions across India and Europe, and going deep into spiritual practise in her spiritual home Auroville in South India. She is certified as a Unesco creative movement therapist, an Awakening Women’s Temple leader and is a Madretierra menstrual therapist. Julie coaches a wide variety of clients internationally, online and face to face. In addition to (online and live) 1:1 sessions, she facilitates retreats, workshops and coaching training as well as monthly online gatherings and women’s circles.  Her own experience has given her a keen understanding of what it takes to switch careers successfully. Transitioning from academia to corporate life to starting her own coaching and dance therapy practice taught her the importance of loving what you do and being authentic.  Julie loves her work which gives her the freedom to combine personal, professional and spiritual growth. A common theme in client feedback is that Julie´s style is natural, warm and impactful. It is a natural extension of what she enjoys doing – creating a safe space, creating clarity and transformation. She loves her dance, yoga, art and meditation practice, and is passionate about conscious femininity and spreading cyclical awareness which she shares about on her Facebook group and Instagram account New Moon Sisters.
    Find out more on www.maitreecoaching.com. 

    Stella Kremmyda
    stella kremmyda
    Yoga and meditation are an everyday living entity for Stella's life since she started practising yoga in 2007 at the Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton. Dedication, trust, and love for her teacher's, Steve Harrison's, teaching led her to attend the '200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course and Advanced Studies' programme  (Independent Yoga Network accredited) (2011-2012). Stella is also a qualified dietitian-nutritionist, with a Ph.D. in nutritional immunology and fetal development (University of Southampton), and a MSc in public health nutrition (University of Glasgow). Inspired by her yoga experience, Stella combined her nutrition skills with yoga and meditation techniques to develop a holistic approach to diet.
    After 7 years of living abroad (Glasgow, Southampton and Prague), she decided that it is time to return to her homeland, but instead of Athens where she comes from, she chose Crete. Crete's strong energy and beauty was a calling to share yoga inspired by the 'Living Yoga method' from the Yoga Sanctuary, as well as many elements from other teachers she came across during her travels in India, Nepal and Europe. In 2013 she founded the ZenZem yoga centre in Aptera, Crete, where she teaches yoga all year round for local and visiting students.
    Stella is now mother to a 2.5-year-old daughter, with whom she explores new pathways to implement yoga and nutrition for nurturing and growing life. Connecting to nature and wildlife, chanting mantras, singing kirtan and taking part in women's cyclical living practices, are also part of Stella's life. 'Practising and sharing yoga, I continue to grow, learn about myself, and find an inner reference point inside, that helps me strive through the challenges of everyday life. I am delighted to meet and share this energy on Crete with whoever wishes to!'
    Stella met Julie in one of the women's circles Julie was offering locally on Crete. Loving the energy and approach of Julie's work, Stella has since then participated in various circles with Julie, and Julie has also joined local yoga classes with Stella. Having the oppotrunity to meet locally, since they live just a couple of villages away on Crete, Julie and Stella were able to find many similarities in movement practices and exchange ideas on methods that help feminine energy flow freely and with abundance, in all phases of a woman's life.

    “"A most refreshing and inspiring experience to be reminded of the things that make me feel truly joyful and empowered. There were times when my usual negative mental/emotional patterns emerged, and it was extremely helpful to have the tools there and then at hand to work with these patterns with awareness and love :-)”
    “You have changed my life and given me the confidence to open up and live with joy and ease. You’re an amazing coach who opens people’s hearts. Thank you!"

    "Julie taught me to acknowledge my values in my decision making which has made such a difference to my life. She is a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.”
    “Julie helped me a lot to accept myself the way I am right now. She has such a good energy and a very gentle and good soul. Her wisdom has a special grace that has an immediate effect when she speaks.”

  • Prices

          (all inclusive) per person per week
    • €660 shared accommodation in twin non-ensuite room (with use of communal bathroom).
    • €760 shared en suite accommodation (3 in a room) or single non-ensuite (with use of communal bathroom).
    • €810 shared en suite twin or double room.
    • €1100 single en suite accommodation (please note that single room availability is limited).
    • €540 non-participating partner sharing a room.
    • €650 work-exchange option (only one place per week): about 2-3 hours’ help per day with light household tasks (e.g., washing dishes, cleaning yoga studio) that does not interfere with the attendance of all classes. Accommodation in triple room.


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